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Who are we?

Work and Care Ltd. is an agency for intermediation in employment and for consulting regarding business and business management.

Company with a Tradition

Our Agency was founded in 2012. in Belgrade and it has adequate work permit issued by the competent Ministry where is registered.

Services We Provide

Most important services we provide are: Temporary employment, Employment intermediation, Advertising on behalf of clients, Advertising and selection of applications, Psychological testing and interviewing, "Try and Hire", Payrolling services, "On site office" and Human resource management consulting.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Our so far Achievements

Work and Care ltd. is one of the most successfull Staff Leasing Agencies in this area. We have great cooperation with famous Business partners and all our client are fully satisfied.


Yeasr of Experience


Business Partners


Employees successfully hired.

Advantages of hiring employees through our company:

  • A client pays only effective working hours, namely, real hours of work , which is important for client's savings;
  • In case of sick leave or vacation Work and Care Ltd. does not charge its fee, only real costs;
  • Work and Care Ltd. pays salaries in a specific time of month regardless financial transactions between clients and Work and Care Ltd.;
  • Workers who are employed in Work and Care Ltd. have their length of service activated;
  • Workers can have a health card, can insure themselves and members of their family;
  • The risk of employees' absence is reduced and the workers are more motivated for working;
  • Provisions of work code and those of collective agreement are not applied on consigned workers;
  • Work and Care Ltd. deals with all the administration that is usually done by the client ( the preparation and signing of contracts, applications and payments for health and retirement insurance and insurance in the case of unemployment, managing and payments of wages, register);
  • Work and Care Ltd. is an agency responsible for all regulated by Labor and Employment Law;
  • Clients have a possibility to use workforce in harmony with dynamics of their business activities;
  • A month record on each employee must be kept as well as a signature of a worker and a client's person responsible for really realized working hours (days) of every employee.

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